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Server Maintance
Some maintance on the dedicaded server of the proxy!

03:03 > Maintance done!

2014-04-20 01:51:56 By _TheRecovery_

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Easter sale
20% Easter sale in the wal-craft shop!
if you use paypal you can use the code: walegg2014 to get a 20% countdown.

2014-04-20 01:23:40 By _TheRecovery_

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Player Record
We have broke the player record!
the record now is 1235

2014-04-20 00:44:39 By _TheRecovery_

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New News/update system!
As you see do we have a new news system.
We will add daily new posts so you know wath we are doing!

2014-04-20 00:11:52 By _TheRecovery_

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